These are global server rules that players are expected to follow.

  • Be Mature
  • This is a mature community, and you are expected to conduct yourself accordingly. There is also an expectation of maintaining respect for all other members, so doxing, spamming of all kinds, and attacks based on a person’s sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • Follow server-specific rules
  • Certain servers will have their own rules to account for differences in the game being played. These rules will be located at spawn (accessible via /spawn), and carry the same weight as the rules located here.
  • No Griefing / Raiding
  • Do not intentionally take or destroy anyone’s property, even if it’s not claimed. Do not enter another player’s base without permission, and leave when asked to do so.
  • No cheating
  • Players are expected to play the game as-is, without using any additional tools or add-ons to give themselves an unfair advantage. For example, x-ray mods, duping items, or exploiting bugs are prohibited.
  • Keep Tickrate High
  • You are not the only player on the server, and as such, it is your responsibility to make sure the server does not lag due to your actions. Leaving large amounts of items on the ground, leaving machines running unnecessarily, or going “too far” in any way is not acceptable or fair to others. Staff members may modify your base to comply with this policy if found necessary. LagGoggles will help you determine if your base is lagging.
  • No Handouts
  • Trading items is fine, but everyone works hard for their items - you should as well. This means that the following is not acceptable:
    - Borrowing an item/block to make a copy of it (i.e. ProjectE)
    - Using a machine that doesn’t belong to you to (i.e. ProjectE Condenser, Transmutation Table)
    - Borrowing item to complete a quest
    - Giving away mid or end game items. A small kit of starting items is ok.
  • Know Basic English
  • We welcome people from everywhere, but please use English in public chat.
  • Keep Drama Private
  • If you have an issue with a user that cannot be resolved in private, contact a staff member. The earlier this is done, the better the outcome for everyone.

Staff have final say

If the staff feel that a user is causing issues/violating rules on a regular basis, we will take disciplinary action.

Rules may be added on an as needed basis